Takeda India partners with PadmaShri Sudarshan Pattnaik for creation of a Sand Art Sculpture to drive awareness on the World Hemophilia Day

As a part of the World Hemophilia Day 2021 awareness initiative, Takeda partnered with world-renowned Padma Sri Sudarshan Pattnaik, who, through sand art, depicted the importance of partnerships and alliances across the Hemophilia ecosystem to address the growing disease burden in India and the world.

The sand sculpture created on April 17 is for display at Puri beach in Odisha for over three days to drive awareness and conversations around Hemophilia.

Explaining the collaboration, Padma Shri Awardee SudarsanPattnaik, Sand Artist, said, “It is my privilege to be able to join with Takeda and use my talent to sensitize for this very important cause. Awareness campaigns such as these go a long way in ensuring citizens are aware of this condition and can reach out for treatment when needed. I am delighted to contribute through my art.”

Takeda India, part of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, a global biopharmaceutical company, reiterated itscommitment to Hemophiliapatients bypledging to continue itsendeavor in addressing the three A’sfor Hemophilia management in the country: Awareness, Accessibility, and Availability.

In India, the estimated number of patients by prevalence is approximately 1,36,000, which is 1 in 10,000 male births(1). Out of that, ~19690 Hem-A patients are registered(2). The diagnosis rate of Hemophilia is considerably low, at around 13%. Hemophilia amongst children is a growing concern, with 91% of patients below the age of 18getting Episodic Therapy(2), that is, therapy during emergencies.

Dr Sandeep Arora, Head of Medical Affairs, Takeda India, said, “Home care and therapy is currently not a normal practice in India. During the pandemic, some institutes supported and allowed home therapy, which proved instrumental in managing the disease. As we move forward in supporting patients and bringing value to them, along with considering home therapy, creating a standard protocol and guideline for treatment willfurther ensure high standards of care and sustained management of the disease.”

Takeda has been at the forefront of creating awareness about Hemophilia through drives and initiatives. It offers innovative therapies to support Hemophilia patients and their families. The company has a patient support program, PurnaSamparq, being implemented by an approved third party to address the critical unmet needs of Hemophilic patients. The program offers a range of services to patients like counseling, diagnostic, physiotherapy, nursing, and education support under the consulting physician’s guidance.

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