Capgemini Reinforces its Commitment to Communities During Pandemic

The group provided essential services to 693,536 individuals of underprivileged community across 15 locations in India.

Capgemini affirmed its commitment to the global fight against COVID-19, by detailing a series of initiatives being undertaken in India. Capgemini colleagues have mobilized strongly, expressing their solidarity and leveraging their creative and deep technology and data expertise, to address the needs of local authorities and communities as they cope with the crisis.  

The group have donated and delivered safety equipment and materials like PPE kits, N95 masks, 3 ply masks, face shields, non-contact IR thermometer and other materials like gloves, goggles etc. to government hospitals.

Furthermore, Capgemini in India has undertaken several initiatives with the goal to deliver social impact to a broader set of individuals and communities.

In association with Akshay Patra Foundation, Capgemini is providing 2 meals each day to 1000 people in seven locations in India since 1st of April. Capgemini has served 614,000 cooked meals to individuals in 15 locations in India. They are also providing dry ration kits to 84,519 Individuals in 15 locations in India.

Capgemini in association with Alliance India, has reached out to a total of 1,57,400 HIV positive patients till date in India to provide sanitizers, gloves, soaps and masks.

Next, in association with The Cuddle Foundation, Capgemini has reached out with dry ration and other materials for 450 families from economically challenged background where one of the child is cancer patient. As part of contribution to the society, they have mobilized INR 79 Million, with nearly INR 6 Million coming in through employee contributions for immediate COVID-19 relief.

Developing with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, Capgemini has affordable, field deployable, rapid test kits for COVID19, with a view to the entire test result being available in 10 minutes at a significantly lower cost. Capgemini is also working on a new app to support quarantined individuals, help prevent breach of quarantine procedures and address the individual’s need for testing or hospitalization, while securing essential supplies like medicines at their doorstep.

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