Celebrate the Essence of Being a Nurturer on Father’s Day with #GharEkSandook

From our first steps, our first games, to being our first tutor and our first confidante, a father is the one who’s been with us since the beginning.

With Father’s Day right around the corner, Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited released an emotionally captivating social media campaign #GharEkSandook, honouring the relationship of fathers with their children, as nurtured in the family home. Above all, the film cherishes the memories and future that’s built in a house; inspiring individual home builders to take pride in building their own homes.

The film takes you back in time narrating the story of a son reminiscing the childhood memories he shared with his father.  He relives the same memories now as a parent himself with his daughter, visualised in the same house. With the credo, ‘Building Bonds, Building India’, the campaign invites the audience to reflect how their house plays a role in nurturing bonds and brings out the time-tested strength of cemented memories.

Mr. Pramesh Arya, Executive Director, Marketing, Dalmia Cement, said, “Dalmia Cement has always been at the forefront of deepening ties with end consumers. Building a house is both a financial and emotional commitment to the owners’ family and with this campaign, we celebrate the role a home plays in shaping the future of our country. This is a tribute to all fathers who have helped nurture their children and foster strong ties with them over the years like Dalmia Cement does by building strong homes. As a leader in reimagining the role cement plays in an individual’s life, this film is a celebration of family memories.”

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