Find Your Car Leasing Solutions With Hyundai & ALD Automotive

Lease offering to be applicable for all Hyundai cars with No upfront cost, No Financial Risk, Tax Saving, Easy Up-gradation, No Maintenance

Hyundai Motor India announced a collaboration with ALD Automotive India, a globally renowned automotive leasing and fleet management company. The flexible leasing solutions will provide an attractive alternative to owning a car to salaried individuals, working professionals, small and medium enterprises, corporates and public sector.

The lease will be made available across the entire Hyundai product line-up at an extremely attractive monthly lease rental. The benefits of leasing to the customers include no upfront cost, no financial risk, efficient tax management, easy up-gradation and no maintenance and insurance hassles. The leased vehicle will be available for a minimum period of 2 years going up to 5years depending on the city and model selected.

Speaking on the Hyundai’s lease offering Mr S.J. Ha, Executive Director, Sales &Marketing, Hyundai Motor India said, “Indian automotive industry is at the cusp of transformation. As a smart mobility solutions provider, we at Hyundai understand the needs of our evolving customers and are committed to make ‘Shared Mobility’ accessible. We are extremely happy with our collaboration with ALD Automotive and together we will leverage our strengths to create Unique, Smart and Brilliant ownership experience for our customers.”

“We are extremely proud and excited to announce this partnership with Hyundai. I am confident that this association will make us explore newer product and service offerings and take Car Leasing to the next level in the Indian car market. This will further reinforce our position as a leader and we look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with Hyundai”, added Mr SuvajitKarmakar, Chief Executive Officer & Whole-time Director, ALD Automotive India.

Currently car leasing business has a penetration of less than 1% in India; in developed nations, it is as high as up to 45%. Hyundai has been expanding its mobility service solutions in major locations worldwide. The company is committed to offering smarter value to customers to cope with the rapidly-shifting paradigm in the automotive industry.

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