HDFC Life Encapsulates the Importance of Setbacks in their New #BounceBack Campaign

Set in the context of students struggling under the pressure of meeting high expectations, the ad film focuses on how setbacks are as important as successes.

HDFC Life has launched a new ad film that speaks about bouncing back from life’s setbacks, instead of letting them bring you down.

As a society, we tend glorify success. However, on the path to success, one often needs to overcome challenges, which are seldom spoken about. This creates a perception that successful people never face difficulties, leading to unnecessary pressure on individuals, especially children.

Keeping this in mind, the latest ad film by HDFC Life showcases an endearing story of a young girl who has not performed well in an examination, despite giving it her best effort. She faces the dilemma of explaining it to her father. However, her father senses her emotion and realises that he has been unable to prepare his daughter to deal with challenges. He therefore decides to start this lesson by revealing the setback that he had overcome in his life.

Speaking on the thought behind the campaign, Sr. Executive Vice President (Sales) & Chief Marketing Officer, Pankaj Gupta, said, “Preparing the young generation to face challenges and pressures, in order to do well and live a life of pride, is an integral part of parenting. Especially in today’s scenario wherein we often see students struggling due to academic, parental and peer pressures. Support from the family is what one counts on, to bounce back from setbacks. We have tried to portray this through the ad film”.

He further added, “Life insurance plays a similar role. It offers a support system which enables individuals and families to bounce back from life’s uncertainties. Be it critical illness, accidental disability or untimely death, life insurance empowers families in their bounce back journey by being their financial partner.”

Check out the full ad here:

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