HPE and Industry Partners Simplify 5G Rollout Vendor-Neutral Software for Telcos

The initiative eliminates multi-vendor hardware complexity, simplifying end-to-end automation and accelerating technology evolution.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has announced the Open Distributed Infrastructure Management initiative, which is a new open source program to simplify the management of large-scale geographically distributed physical infrastructure deployments. HPE will also introduce an enterprise offering, the HPE Open Distributed Infrastructure Management Resource Aggregator that is aligned with the initiative.

Open Distributed Infrastructure Management helps resolve the complexity that telcos face in rolling out 5G networks across thousands of sites equipped with IT infrastructure from multiple vendors and different generations of technology. HPE’s 5G portfolio promises to unleash the potential of 5G at the network core, at the edge, and in the enterprise.

This initiative is being launched in collaboration with Intel and with support from key industry leaders including AMI, Apstra, Red Hat, Tech Mahindra and World Wide Technology. HPE alongside Intel plans to initiate an open-source project under the Linux Foundation to further develop the initiative in conjunction with ecosystem partners to enable end-to-end automated management of networks.

The Open Distributed Infrastructure Management initiative simplifies network management and drives significant operational and financial benefits. It supports large scale, geographically distributed networks and facilitates interaction between disparate multivendor infrastructure resources. The HPE Open Distributed Infrastructure Management Resource Aggregator models infrastructure elements in every site to simplify infrastructure automation across resources, vendors and geographical locations.

“5G and Edge Computing industry initiatives will require large-scale and geographically distributed multivendor infrastructure deployments that can only be cost effectively realized with infrastructure-as-code automation,” said Claus Pedersen, VP, Telco Infrastructure Solutions at HPE.

HPE will launch the commercially supported version of the open source infrastructure manageability function along with associated infrastructure-specific plug-in components in Q2 2020. The HPE solution will leverage industry-defined specifications, including DMTF Redfish® interfaces, to enable a vendor-neutral approach for managing configuration and operations of compute, storage and networking infrastructure resources across multiple vendors at scale.

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