Human Capital are the Biggest Assets for Every Business Formats During COVID-19

Values and deliverance to commensurate the same towards humanity is most essential part of a business family.

PAMA D’Globizen private. ltd. is a start-up venture engaged in Real estate fund management and research based advisory services. Though the recent past and present market situations had been adverse across the globe due to pandemic driven economic crisis and lockdown, the company have adopted the position of optimism, patience and business understanding.

They took firm stand and made provisions for bearing all salaries and perks related commitments towards our team/employees and without making any deductions/negotiations/brainstorming on this subject, compensating team members during this lockdown due to pandemic and will keep paying for months to come as well, if situation arises.

Their thoughts of valuing human capital takes us to the fact that “Appropriate employees/team for any work” is the key to plans of achieving any business goal. Secondly, the government’s international reputation and growth plans indicate a great ray of hope for country’s multidimensional growth in times to come. Henceforth, losing good team or bargaining isn’t an option to choose from any perspective and rather it’s time to plan expansion, growth with long term mind set and preserve every deserving energy for the time of action, in their opinion.

Provisioning by deploying some funds by any possible mean to take care of employee’s interest is fruitful from both humanity and business prospects.

Founding members Mr. Pankaz Jaiin and Manu Bhazin are firm believer of God, love for humanity and complete participation in building human capital asset for the company and country. These values lead us towards no compromises even in such pandemic situation and also keeps us blessed to serve our core values.

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