Hyundai India Expands its Green Mobility Portfolio

The automobile company expresses interest to bring ultimate solution with Zero Emission Mobility, with being committed towards the Govt.’s vision of Zero Emission Mobility.

Hyundai Motor India has announced another Industry First for expanding its green mobility portfolio in India. HMIL is evaluating the Feasibility of bringing Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles for India to strengthen its commitment towards greener mobility ecosystem.

Commenting on the Initiation of Feasibility Study for Fuel Cell Vehicle, Mr S S Kim, Hyundai Motor India Ltd, said, “Progress for Humanity with Zero Emission Mobility is our responsibility and vision to make a long-term positive transformation for our future generations. We have initiated the feasibility study for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle in India and promise to bring The Ultimate Solution with Zero Emission Mobility.”

Fuel Cell Vehicle – The Ultimate Mobility Solution

The Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle is the ultimate eco-friendly mobility solution that will change the paradigm of automobile ecosystem across the world.

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles are free from any greenhouse gasses emissions as vehicle filters and purifies the air during its drive. When Air filters through FCEV, 99.9 per cent of particulates are purified, cleaning the environment.

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