Dr. Oetker FunFoods Mayonnaise Finds a Place on the Plates of 18 million Indians

With pinches & pours, Funfoods witness a 70% market share in an overall INR 250 crore mayonnaise market in India, pioneering the vegetarian mayonnaise category.

Food has always been an integral part of our culture and recent independent studies have shown that there is an increasing influence of western food eating habits among Indians. According to market research agency, Euromonitor, sales of sauces, dressings and condiments grew by 19 percent in India to reach Rs. 16,120 crores in 2017 and is expected to grow to Rs. 22,130 crores in 2022. Market reports suggest that Taste, Brand and Variety continue to be the top influencing factors while purchasing mayonnaise.

Within western sauces and spreads, the retail mayonnaise market in India is worth about Rs. 250 crore growing at 25% per annum. Researches have shown that the penetration of mayo has risen by almost 3 times in just 2 years from 6 million households in 2015 to around 18 million in 2017. FunFoods by Dr. Oetker enjoys 70% market share in the category. The brand is the pioneer in vegetarian mayonnaise. The rapid growth of eggless mayonnaise consumption in India is largely attributed to the large vegetarian population. It is estimated that over 80% of the mayonnaise sales in the country are occupied by eggless variety.

Commenting on Dr. Oetker’s India presence, Mr. Oliver Mirza, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, said, “With evolving consumer palettes, we believe it is our duty to educate the consumer about western pleasure foods and its usage. Being a market leader with around 70% market share in mayonnaise, it is our responsibility to grow the category. Hence, we launched the Veg Mayonnaise Original Chotu 100g pack priced at INR 35/- with an objective to introduce the product to the masses at a lower price point to drive trials and further penetrate the market. In a period of just 3 years, chotu pack has become the highest selling SKU for the brand.”

Interestingly, for FunFoods, Mayonnaise chhotu pack of 100grm, is driving the growth since its launch in August 2015. Additionally, With India’s evolving taste palate and the growing love for western pleasure foods, FunFoods by Dr. Oetker has been experimenting with flavours and coming up with versatile applications of simple ingredients like Mayonnaise, Dressings, Peanut Butter and other condiments. The educative promos of Peanut Butter and Jam and a Mayonnaise usage video titled #nothinglikehomemade are a step in the same direction.

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