Paree Launches #SheFirst, to Make Menstrual Hygiene Available for All During Pandemic

The sanitary napkin brand is distributing sanitary pads to needy women across states – Delhi, Gurgaon, Punjab and others every day, to help them maintain hygiene.

With the world fighting the COVID 19 pandemic, hygiene products that keep people safe and help them maintain their hygiene are as essential as food. While everyone is receiving essentials like food and medicines, it is also important to think of essentials from a woman’s perspective. Committed to making menstrual hygiene products available to all women, young Indian homegrown sanitary napkin brand Paree decided to reach out to women in need and introduced the initiative #SheFirst because they believe that #PadsAreEssential specially during COVID 19 pandemic.

Paree, with support of CII-IWN, Rasoi on Wheels, Punjab Police and various other bodies are ensuring that the most essential menstrual hygiene product- sanitary napkins reach as many women and girls as possible. Saina Nehwal, Garima Avatar, Rinki Dhingra (Chairwoman of CII-IWN), Manika Badhwar- Co-Founder of Rasoi On Wheels and many others have put their collective support behind this initiative to help spread the message and to help maintain the dignity of every woman in this critical time of COVID 19.

Talking about the campaign, Sahil Dharia- CEO & Founder, Paree said, “Women are the backbone of our society and the primary caregivers in our families. Yet, she always puts everyone else ahead of her own needs when in fact, she should come first. Our belief that pads are essential for every menstruating woman is driving the dialogue that at a time of crisis. I want to assure each woman that during COVID 19, we are with you, you can trust us. We are proud to have support from Punjab Police, CII IWN, Rasoi on Wheels and many others. #PadsAreEssential and I pledge #SheFirst.”

The campaign is active in cities like Punjab, Delhi, Gurgaon through various channels and so far Paree have supplied sanitary napkins to areas across Delhi/ NCR and districts of Punjab.

Paree’s main endeavour is to bring attention to the fact that the women’s needs with respect to their menstrual hygiene need to be prioritized. Women are far more vulnerable to contagions when they are menstruating and, in this pandemic, there is a need for us to be more cognizant of this fact than ever before. The call to action is for brands to step forward at this time to help with essentials for women, which includes making sanitary pads and napkins available apart from other sanitary products.

Saina Nehwal, one of the shareholders of the brand Paree, supported the campaign and added, “I am so glad that people have realised the importance of the availability of sanitary napkins and have come forward to help women. I salute Punjab Police, CII IWN, Rasoi On Wheels and corporates like Paree on their initiative to ensure menstrual essentials being prioritized and provided to women during this pandemic. The #SheFirst campaign is the voice I would like to put my weight behind, not just as a woman, but also as a citizen that can pedestal the voices of many other women.”

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