Relaxo launches new ad campaign #MazbootiBemisaal with Salman Khan.

Relaxo, an iconic and classic brand serving to the needs of footwear for Indian masses for four decades has returned to television advertising with a bang and after a hiatus of eight long years. Megastar, Salman Khan plays the protagonist in the new television ad campaign #MazbootiBemisaal.

Relaxo is a brand name synonymous with a classic pair of rubber slippers which is the most versatile, usable, comfortable and durable footwear for most of the Indian masses. Standing true to its brand name and the classic appeal of the good old rubber slippers. Relaxo further amplifies the use and the need of a durable and sturdy pair of footwear through their new television ad campaign. A household name today, Relaxo Hawaii slippers have stood the test of time with their superior performance.

In the new campaign, the brand’s slippers are keenly positioned as tough and superior performance product while unveiling the new colorful collection along with the traditional style blue and white slippers.

Commenting on the present scenario and the new campaign, Mr. Gaurav Dua, Executive Director – Sales & Marketing, said “When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Relaxo is a household name today. With his mass appeal, Megastar Salman Khan resonates well with our brand ethos and is most suited to convey the brand USP of ‘MazbootiBemisaal’.

The current times have further escalated the need forstrong and durable footwear options and revolving around the same concept is the new campaign of #MajbootiBemisaal.

In the new ad, Salman Khan can be seen as playing a part of a footwear showroom owner, who interacts with the customer in his classic Salman Bhai style. How does Salman show Hawaii’s mazbooti? Well, that’s the element of surprise which is sure to bring a smile on viewer’s faces while presenting a creative interpretation of #MazbootiBemisaal.

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