Tata AIA Life Insurance’s ‘Rakshakaran Heroes’ Campaign Pledges Towards Increasing Green Cover in India

‘Rakshakaran Hero’ highlights Tata AIA Life Insurance’s pledge towards increasing the Green Cover in India by planting a tree for every Tata AIA Life Insurance Term policy purchased.

Tata AIA Life Insurance has launched their new ‘Rakshakaran Hero’ campaign that addresses twin concerns of green cover depletion and lack of Life Insurance penetration in the country. The campaign breaks with a new brand film that inspires the consumers to protect the future of their families as well as that of the planet.

The unique campaign highlights the pledge that the company has made towards planting a tree for every Tata AIA term policy bought. The commercial for the campaign extends the message- “Tata AIA Life Insurance ke term Plan se aap sirf apni family ki hi nahi, planet ki bhi raksha karne ki reet nibhaate hai” (by protecting the family’s financial future, the consumer is also participating in the larger good of protecting the planet, by making it greener, thus making him a Rakshakaran Hero).

Speaking on the Rakshakaran Hero campaign, Mr. Rishi Srivastava, MD & CEO Tata AIA Life Insurance said, “Financially securing families while protecting the environment blends our purpose with a larger societal goal. We celebrate our policyholders for championing this cause and taking the firm step of protecting their families and everyone’s collective future by protecting the environment.”

“The campaign film celebrates our policyholders as the real Rakshakaran Heroes who earn the love and adulation of many, especially children, whose future they protect.”, he added.

‘Rakshakaran Hero’ initiative was started in Sept 2019, wherein a sapling is planted in the name of the policy-holder for every term policy that is bought. These saplings are planted in designated regions across India to enhance the much-required green cover in country. Under the unique Rakshakarn Hero initiative, the organization has already planted over 60,000 trees.

Check out the commercial here:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FscrT74lvkc&feature=youtu.be

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