This Father’s Day, Paree Celebrates the Everlasting Bond Between Fathers & Their #PapaKiParee

The brand releases a heartfelt video showcasing the precious father & daughter relationship.

From the first time he heard her say “papa”, to the times she holds his hand, from talking about her boyfriend to dealing with her mood swings, a father is always there for his daughter and every moment is special. Paree, a homegrown feminine hygiene brand has always taken an honest & progressive approach towards menstruation and this Father’s Day, they have once again brought this to the fore through the lens of a father-daughter relationship.

This Father’s Day, Paree will unveil a new digital film that celebrates the unconditional love and bond that a father and daughter share. #PapaKiParee focuses on the role of a father in understanding her daughter’s needs and prioritising to make her comfortable when she’s suffering from cramps. The video captures the true sentiments of a concerned father having a candid conversation with his daughter during her periods and understanding the physical and mental discomfort of heavy flow, cramps and PMS she endures. It beautifully portrays how a father cherishes his daughter and always puts his daughter’s happiness and needs first. When he finds her in discomfort, he quickly pampers her with love and food, while she turns to Paree’sHeavy Flo Champion for a quick3-second absorption as a solution from the brand that is always there when she needs, like her father.

Sahil Dharia – CEO & Founder, Paree proudlyshares, “I have seen that fathers are extra sensitive & caring of their daughters. Daddy’s little girl gets away with many things including ordering her papa around the kitchen which a son dare not! This fun and lively #PapaKiParee video showcases the beautiful relationship between father and daughter. At Paree, our purpose is to celebrate relationships & moments where ‘She’ is put first.”

The video shows a family with acclaimed actor, Nitish Pandey playing the character of a father who is involved in every aspect of his daughter’s life and can comfortably chat with her on anything; be it her periods or her boyfriend. Alongside noted actress, Anjali Barot plays the role of a daughter, a progressivegirl-next-door who knows what works best for her in the time of need.

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