Women Galore: First Batch of Certified Women Bike Riders

Maxxis India, in collaboration with LetsRyde, a Delhi-based motorcycle rental and tour-adventure company, gave wings to the dreams of 10 novice women riders who enrolled for the first batch of rider training programme. Over 300 registrations were received. These women were granted their #License to Freedom, certificate for successfully completing the beginner course of ‘Motorcycle Rider Training Program’ under the initiative, Women In Front.

The training program that was held at OTR Dirt Park entailed a 4-day workshop, where the group of women underwent rigorous training under qualified trainers and instructors to ensure that they ride with proper technique and safety gears. The women also learnt the process of changing tyres, oil changing techniques, filter and steps to be taken in an emergency. Over 300 interested women signed-up for the program.  These women came from diverse professional backgrounds – Marketers, Engineers, RJ’s, Sales and Service sectors and had never ridden a motorcycle in their lives.

Commenting on the first milestone of successful completion of training of Mr. Bing-Lin Wu, Marketing & Retail Sales Head, Maxxis India said, “Women in Front is a unique initiative and I am proud to hand out these certificates to our first batch of riders today. It is great to see the enthusiasm of these women who are riding confidently on the tracks. I hope more young women feel inspired by them, get over their inhibitions and find their license to freedom. We too enrolled our women employees for this training and would urge all corporates to encourage their women employees and get them enrolled for the training.”

As these riders’ clear basic level of training, the academy will provide them the chance to go a notch higher with each level.

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