Yamaha Unveils New Blue Square Showroom in Chennai

The new showroom institutes the identity of racing DNA of excitement, sporty & stylish with plans to open 100 “Blue Square” in 2020.

India Yamaha Motor has come out with a brand-new initiative to propagate ‘The Call of the Blue’ with the opening of “Blue Square”, a unique concept-driven showroom that institutes Yamaha’s racing DNA of excitement, sport & style. The Call of the Blue started in the year 2018 expanded into products and through exciting experiences in 2019. Continuing progressively towards 2020, this uniqueness will further rev up in Yamaha’s BLUE colour by transforming customer experiences in the company showrooms through vivid aesthetics, inspiring propriety created out of Yamaha two-wheeler line ups and engaging offerings. “Blue Square” is coined to fit into the legacy of Yamaha’s role in global motorsports with “blue” characterizing the brand’s racing DNA and “square” defining a one-stop buying junction. It serves as a communication spot for customers in accessing various information along with exploring the accessories and apparels, thus fulfilling every requirement of a motorcycling life.

The “Blue Square” institutes Yamaha’s identity of racing DNA through visual and exhibitory outline of showroom design on the exterior porticos of the outlet, BLUE-themed interior ambience inside the outlets, exciting display of motorcycles based upon racing DNA of Yamaha, along with accessories, apparels and genuine spare parts to realize the brand’s excitement, sporty & stylish personality.  A line up of accessories and apparels are also the prime focus of the company for the “Blue Square”.

At the new “Blue Square”, the record management interface will maintain a log of all customer records, digitally. Customers can directly download the product brochures by scanning the vehicle QR Codes. The purpose of maintaining customer information digitally is to provide one-to-one marketing which will help in on time communication and speedy responses. Yamaha in the coming years will also connect “Dealer Management System” for more effective and on-time communication.

Mr. Motofumi Shitara, Chairman, Yamaha Motor India group of companies said during the launch, “We are thankful to our customers for the encouragement they offered us. “Blue Square”, a new initiative from ‘The Call of the Blue’ which is designed to introduce Yamaha’s global excitement and sport will exclusively stand out in customer experiences and we hope our customers will also love to experience it. Yamaha’s “Blue Square” will put together an embracing racing spirit of Yamaha where an array of exciting, stylish and sporty two wheelers and accessories will be on offer. The brand will soon embark upon rapid expansion of “Blue Square” across the country.”

Additionally, a café to rewind and discuss business and promotion will be available. Alongside, Blue Streaks which supports in speedy redressal of customer queries will conduct touring programs with the help of a riding advisor. “Blue Square” will further drive Yamaha’s India strategy to build its market for premium motorcycles and scooters in the future. The first official launch was done in Chennai today at Bikerz where the “Blue Square” outlet of size 4000 sq. feet was opened to the public. It is located at 351, Anna Salai, Nandhanam, Chennai-600035. Along with regular line-ups, the latest superbikes will also be on display and sale.

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