HDFC Life’s New Annuity Campaign makes Retirement Planning Look Attractive

Centered on HDFC Life’s ‘Pension Guaranteed Plan’, designed to provide guaranteed monthly income, securing an individual’s retirement and also enables one to fulfill the dreams of their youth.

HDFC Life has recently launched an annuity campaign. HDFC Life has built an inspiring narrative that challenges the audience’s mind set around retirement. The Company has redefined the archaic concept of this category, relooked at the rigid, reductive notions around ageism and given the category a different tone, thereby making it attractive.

The ad conveys that human potential is beyond one’s retirement years thereby inspiring individuals to choose a retirement product that enables fulfillment of dreams. It is centered on HDFC Life’s annuity product ‘Pension Guaranteed Plan’ that is designed to provide guaranteed monthly income which not only secures an individual’s retirement but also enables one to fulfill the dreams of their youth which got abandoned once responsibilities took over.

A simple question to potential retirees, “Aap bade hoke kya banna chahte ho?”, sets the tone for the ad.HDFC Life is positioned as a facilitator offering a solution to realise long cherished dreams without having to worry about the risk of running out of money.

Seeing how complicated financial websites usually are, a special micro site ( has been created. This micro site simplifies the concept of annuity by bringing characters of the film to life in an interactive comic strip format, designed by the famous cartoonist Sailesh Gopalan, founder of Brown Paperbag Comics.

As part of this campaign HDFC Life will also conduct a Masterclass on Retirement Planning in association with leading financial experts. The micro site serves as a platform through which individuals can register for this Masterclass.

Speaking on the launch Vishal Subharwal, EVP – E-commerce & Digital Marketing said, “Retirement planning is a critical part of every financial plan. Most individuals ignore this activity. This is also because of the fact that retirement seems boring and individuals don’t look forward to it like other phases of their lives. Through this campaign, we want to break the stereotype and make retirement planning aspirational & enable Indian consumers manage longevity risk.

In line with our customer centric approach, we want to simplify the understanding of annuity as a concept, changing the audience sentiment around retirement and bringing in a behavioral change and advocating financial readiness for retirement so they can pursue their passion or live their dreams through our retirement solutions. We have developed helpful tools and content related to the retirement category so our audiences feel empowered and confident to kick-start the second innings of their life. The campaign communication will be amplified via our digital and social media platforms.”

HDFC Life has always had a customer centric approach. The Company’s flagship products are designed keeping in mind different customer needs and can be purchased both offline as we as online. HDFC Life’s Life Insurance products offer a wide range of insurance solutions for protection (term), Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs), retirement plans, health plans, child plans and Woman Plans.

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