Yamaha MT-15 Accessorised With Complimentary Jacket/Helmet

As a part of the company’s initiative to propagate the MT culture, complimentary branded jackets or helmets will be offered to further add to the excitement of ‘torquey’ and agile character of the MT-15.

India Yamaha Motor has announced to standardize complimentary ride accessory with its latest motorcycle MT-15 (155 cc) in India. The announcement comes in the backdrop of substantial hike in appreciation and inquiries by Yamaha fans with the launch of the most awaited new motorcycle MT-15 (155 cc) powered by latest technologies and features. All existing buyers of the new MT-15 (155 cc) will be contacted by the company representatives to facilitate the selection and delivery of MT branded riding jacket or helmet along with offering the same to all future buyers through Yamaha showrooms.

Yamaha has introduced its all-new motorcycle vertical MT series in India this year with the launch of its premium motorcycle MT-15 (155 cc) that is defined by its ‘torquey’ and agile handling characteristics along with the presence of latest technologies that outlines the ‘brutal character of the MT’.

Yamaha as a part of the brand’s DNA to offer exciting, stylish and sporty products and experiences has further decided to rejig the excitement by creating a superlative scenario with the introduction of complimentary riding accessory with the MT-15 (155 cc). The riding accessory will integrate the overall personality of the riders and also would suitably match it with the iconic MT culture known as ‘the dark side of Japan’. As a brand known to create kando, that is offering intense excitement and deep satisfaction, Yamaha has already orchestrated the procedures to connect to existing buyers of the new MT-15 (155 cc) in order to facilitate the selection and delivery of the ride accessory and the same is also functional at all Yamaha dealerships offering the new MT-15 (155 cc) for future buyers.

During the announcement, Mr. Motofumi Shitara, Chairman, Yamaha Motor India group of companies has said, “Yamaha is a brand known for its customers and also, known because of its customers. As a #CustomerFirst brand, we are globally remitting intense moments of excitement and satisfaction that Yamaha customers will always cherish and appreciate. MT series is not just any motorcycle brand, it is a personality. Yamaha is all set to rev excitement in the Indian motorcycling scenario once again by inculcating the ideological appearance that defines MT riding personality.”

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